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The Tale of the Silly Sailors

Once upon a time, there was a sailboat.  This sailboat liked to romp and play in the wind and the open sea was her playground.  When her sailors got tired, she would drop a sturdy anchor on a strong chain near an island and the sailors would rest.  At anchor, the sailboat lived in a magical world of blue water and fish and beautiful sand beaches.  She was a happy sailboat.


Then one day, the sailboat needed to stop at a dock for a day or two so that her sailors could repair her.  The repairs were a success and all was well, but for no good reason, she didn’t leave the dock and two days turned into three.  And then the silly sailors on the sailboat wanted to stay for the Super Bowl party on day five.   Next, the wind blew hard on day six, so why not stay a little longer?  And by then the partying had started and friends were made and seven days turned into eight.  Other boats came and went.



Some other boats at the dock learned that one of the silly sailors knew a little about how boats work.  So the silly sailor spent time fixing the other boats.  This got the silly sailor lots of free drinks.  But this also made the sailboat jealous.  One special boat with three hulls brought a giant tasty fish that was shared by all.  More windy days.  Nine days became ten and the silly sailors started to forget how to sail.

After ten days at the dock, the sailboat started to get sad, so the sailors gave her some new blue cabin top stripes to cheer her up.  But the sailboat was still unhappy.  She had become the saddest of all boats; she was now a “dock queen.”  But the wind still blew hard so the silly sailors drank rum and played with their new friends.


On day thirteen, the sailboat joyfully woke to the sound of her dock lines being untied.  Her engine rumbled to life and she motored away from the dock.  Her sails were hoisted and she leapt over the waves and bounded through the channel.  But her sailors were still silly (and a little hung over) and they sailed like they had forgotten everything about sailing her.  And then the wind got strong.  Because the silly sailors had just foolishly broken some of the sailboat’s very important rigging parts, they couldn’t reef her sails.  This made the sailors very wet and the silly sailors said some very bad words really loud.

Tired from this very short sail, the sailors dropped the anchor in a big harbor filled with lots of sailboats.  They dutifully fixed the broken rigging parts and they felt silly for staying too long at the dock.  They told the sailboat that they were sorry.


The next day they sailed to a new island they had never before seen.  The sailboat, being a very good boat, gave them a wonderful sail.  They played with the wind and sailed very fast and they anchored near some of their new friends.

The silly sailors learned a very important lesson.  A sailed boat is a happy boat.

The end.


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