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We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from St. Somewhere!  We are tucked behind a reef near Scrub Island in the BVIs as the seasonally high winds (aptly named the Christmas Winds) howl through the rigging.  Far from home with the mercury hovering around 80, getting into the holiday spirit has been a challenge.  But we’ve sailed a couple of thousand miles with a boat stocked for every eventuality – including the need for some holiday cheer.  Who knew that a few bucks worth of Christmas lights stashed beneath the lifetime supply of sunscreen could bring so much joy?  We are the most festive sailboat in the anchorage!


While not up to our usual photographic standards, here’s a shot of our “tree” this Christmas Eve.  The brightly lit “star” at the top is an anchor light mandated by the Coast Guard.

We spent the day battling upwind in strong winds and building seas, but were rewarded with a beautiful spot for the afternoon.


A view of our anchorage from the hilltop of Marina Cay


In our most festive attire


It has been quite the windswept holiday

As our thoughts turn to family and friends scattered all over the world this holiday season, the crew of St. Somewhere wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and looks forward to many a happy rendezvous in the new year.

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