Sail Somewhere

Irene & Gary afloat

About the boat

St. Somewhere is a 42 foot sailboat built by Sabre Yachts of Maine. Irene and I bought her in February, 2011 in Beaufort, NC. We are the sixth owners of the boat, and she has been renamed four times. She has gone by the names of Shibumi, Kiri, and Gypsy. She is sloop rigged and has a removable inner forestay so she can be rigged as a cutter as well. She sleeps as many as seven in two cabins and the main saloon. She draws 4’9″ or 8’6″ with the centerboard down. The mast stands 56 feet off the water, and she displaces 19,000 pounds. Overall, she pretty much kicks ass.

Irene and I were drawn to this boat for many reasons. Sabres are very well-constructed boats, with many of their interior structures attached to the hull directly to add strength without unnecessary weight. She’s the right size, and at 6’2″ I can stand in the saloon, galley, head, and aft cabin. 42 feet was a bit longer than what we were hoping for, but still within our parameters for a boat that can be easily handled by a couple. The centerboard requires some additional maintenance, but with the board up we draw less than five feet and can get into skinny water on the Gulf Coast. St. Somewhere spent a good portion of her 25 years on the fresh water of the Great Lakes, and looks it. I’ve seen five year old boats with more wear. Finally, she came to us very well equipped, with a large solar array, SSB radio, a good autopilot, liferaft, storm sails, and an efficient fridge to name a few.

Here’s a link to the original Sabre 42 factory brochure. You gotta love the matching eighties sailing shirts.